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Pop Up Pirate Children's Preschool Action Game

Pop Up Pirate Children's Preschool Action Game

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Product Description The classic children's action game!

Take turns to slide your swords into the barrel. But be careful as one wrong move will send Pirate Pete flying.<br>
Whose sword will be the first to pop him out of his barrel?<br>
Review A well-loved classic game of nerve and chance, Pop-Up Pirate is barrels of explosive fun.<br>
To set the game up, there is a small amount of assembly to be done, with stickers to carefully stick on to decorate the barrel and base.<br>
Push the pirate down and he locks into the barrel in such a way that he will be popped up randomly when a sword is pushed in--and nobody <br>knows which sword will be the one! Players select a set of swords of their favourite colour and take it in turns to choose a slot, hoping that they won't be the one to make the pirate pop up with a start.<br>
Once the pirate has been popped, the remaining players take out their swords and start to play again until only the winner is left.<br>
Every time you push the pirate back into the barrel, the hole which will make the him pop up changes, making Pop-Up Pirate a tense and exciting game in which you never know who is going to be the one to launch the pirate into space.<br>
--Rachel Ediss 2 to 4 players. See all Product description

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